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Slick Write is a powerful, free tool that makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes, and other features of interest. Whether you're a blogger, novelist, or student writing an essay for school, Slick Write can help take your writing to the next level. Curious? Try the interactive demo, or enter your own text in the editor tab.

Why use Slick Write?

  • The grammar checker is lightning fast
  • It provides customizable feedback to suit your audience and style
  • Add impact to reports
  • Improve your grades
  • It's free

About the demo

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes series one hundred years ago, and writing style has changed since then. The passive voice has fallen out of favor, and "the" is used less frequently, just to name a couple of the changes. Additionally, Doyle gave his characters stylistic quirks to color their speech. As a consequence, the novel has more highlighting than one might expect from such a renowned work. One thing that stayed the same, however, is the importance of flow.


November 22, 2015

  • Vocabulary variety popup uses less space

November 15, 2015

  • Assorted visual improvements
  • Fixed the multiplying newline bug

November 14, 2015

  • Improved support for both high and low resolution displays
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Dropped support for old versions of Internet Explorer

November 9, 2015

  • Let there be serifs!
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Bust your writer's block, and create new metaphors by playing the word association game. To begin, type a word or phrase in the box below, and hit enter. To quickly find associations for your own text, highlight a word or phrase in it, and use the toolbox popup.

The associator uses artificial intelligence to learn contextual word associations from real literature, so it may return offensive results.

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  • The extensions communicate with the Slick Write service to check your writing on demand.
  • Documents submitted to Slick Write will not be redistributed.
  • You retain ownership of your documents.
  • We collect usage statistics to improve our service.


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